Hosting your event

Summer is the perfect time to celebrate a birthday or other event with a geocaching party. I can set up a temporary geocache, with your theme and interests incorporated, for a truly unique and special event.

I can also host the geocaching merit badge for your Girl Scout Troop or Boy Scout Pack.

Events I have hosted:

Harry Potter team multi cache puzzle party: Washington State, 2013 (custom birthday party)

Hunger Games team multi cache puzzle party: Washington State, 2013 (custom birthday party)

Girl Scout Troop from Denver- geocaching merit badge at Mt Herman, 2013

Easter Cache Dash for the geocaching community, co-hosted with I hid over 150 plastic eggs with GPS coordinates and six teams raced to find the most, looking for one at a time and getting a new coordinate when they put the found egg in their team easter basket. This event has been archived but you can still view details and participant comments.

Theme caches I recently placed I can lead groups through:
Harry Potter’s Muggle Watch GC2WF6Q
The Twilight Saga GC2VE5Q

Casual Geocaching for Family and Friends:

Halloween goodie bags hidden in a local park: I designed this treasure hunt so the kids had to navigate by compass and natural feature (riverbed, etc).

Pirate Birthday: I hid a pirate chest filled with goodies for a friend’s sons birthday. The party guests had to use the GPS to locate the loot.

Christmas Secret Santa and Candy Cane hunt: As a fun twist on a secret santa gift exchange my kids did with their friends, I hid a box of candy canes in a local park and they had to work their way through holiday themed questions at each stage to get the coordinates for the next stage.

My son and his friends with their candy canes

Please contact me if you are interested in pricing a custom geocaching event.

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